Okay so as we all know Valentines Day was on Sunday. Its sort of a day that you either are completly looking forward to or completly dreading. Luckily for me these last three Valentines Days have been great becuause I got to celebrate them with my boyfriend Federico. Our first date ever was on Valentines Day two years ago. I had only known Fed for about a week and he asked me to dinner with him and his host parents. We went to a restaurant that was filled with older couples. I was pretty sure we were the youngest people there! That night I got to know him, and he got to know me a lot better. I remember the food was Italian style so of course it was yummy and for dessert we had Terimisu, which basically turned into our dessert every time we went out for dinner.
Last year I was in Rome on a school trip during Valentines Day. I told Federico that I would be there and he took a 6 hour train ride to see me for the weekend. He picked me up and took me to a little restaurant were we shared a big plate of spaghetti. After we went to the Trevi Fountain and he bought me some red roses. After we walked around the streets of Rome hold hands. After we met up with the other Americans from my school and the Italian students hosting us. We all went to this really famous disco and danced all night.
This year I took a train after school on Saturday and headed off to Verona for 24 hours. The day before my mom had sent a very sweet Valentines Day box to me. It was filled with all sorts of goodies from mini chocolate boxes, to heart shaped lollipops, to swedish fish. She even stuck in a box of brownie and cake mix with a giant can of frosting and festive sprinkles. Thanks Mom!!
Federico picked me up at the train station and we had a picnic in a park overlooking all of Verona. After we had tea and cake with his family. I have to say I really stick out compared to Federicos family. They are all tan, dark hair, dark eyes and just an overall incredibly good looking family. After we went to the top of this hill to watch the sun set over the city. That night Feds parents, his older sister, her boyfriend, me and Fed went to the opera. They played all these romantic love songs, and a good chunk of them were in English = ) After the opera me and Fed went to a new restaurant that had just opened. They made pizza Naples stlye so it was wicked good! After dinner Fed took me on his motor bike to see the city all light up at night and we stopped by at Juilets house that was completly packed. We went back to his house and woke up early that Sunday morning. Federicos dad had bought tickets for Fed and himself to see Federicos favorite soccer team play in Torino. To get to Torino by car it takes a very long time- a solid three hours. So we ate breakfast and were out the door by 10am. They dropped me off at my house since I was on the way. We kissed goodbye and were thinking wow, another great Valentines Day! = )

So for me you could say that Ive been really lucky with Valentines Day so far!!

Other news- With school Im doing good, not as great as I hoped but I cant complain considering Im at an extremely competive school. I just found out in Gym class that dont grade you on effort but your actual talent in the sports were playing. So for the past month we have been playing volleyball. Back home its not a school sport, we play it in gym for a couple of weeks but its not very intense. Here all the girls play so they were all wicked good. During class we were running drills instead of playing for fun. So my grade was a 6+... not the best grade but considering that my class is super intense at volleyball I just had to shrug this one off.
One of my teacher asked me last week to do this big presentation for the entire school. I have to talk in English about why learning English and other languages is important. Also talk about why we should try watching movies in English as well. Luckily Ill be making this presentation with two of my classmates who speak great English so I wont be alone. Only thing is I dont really know what exactly Im going to say.

This Saturday is my boyfriend Federicos 20th birthday. To celebrate all his friends that he grow up with are throwing him a big birthday bash in Torino- the city he lived most of his life in. Im going to ask my host parents and afs today if I can go for the weekend. Ill be taking the train from Treviglio to Milano with Fed then we will change trains and head to Torino where his friends will pick us up. Luckily Ive already met a few of them, and the whole weekend sounds like its going to be a lot of fun. So fingers crossed that I get to go!!

Thats all for now, so Until Next Time...