Okay so in this post I want to talk about more than just my life, but about people's lives around the world. Everyday on tv they show the victims of Haiti, everyday I wish I could do more than just see their helpless faces. Since I'm not a millionaire and can't donate money to the cause I think its best to use any talents we may posess. For me, I think its writting in this blog.
When ever I watch tv at home I always see different clips of Haiti, and the incredible amount of trouble the country is in. Before the earthquake Haiti wasn't exactly the richest island in the Carribean, but now they seem to be in the worst economic crisis. Thanks to the big help of the US, we seem be doing some relieve by sending army soliders, food, medicine, construction supplies and overall help. I know that other countries are doing their part as well. For example my host country Italy. Their main aim is to raise awareness of the natural disaster since were rather far away. They constantly play commercials showing the resolts after the earthquake and ask to donate money. There are even facebook groups promoting awareness. The earthquake has been an international crisis, I think we all wish we could do something to help.

I got an email the other day from my grandma marylou. The first part talked about my uncles safe trip to Hatiti since he films around the world. Luckily he made it back A-Okay = ) The other part of the email listed a bunch of things that you should try to rememeber during your day. One of the things that was listed that really stuck out to me. The quote was "if we all threw our problems into a pile, we would probably take ours back." This statement to me is very relateable. From time to time we all think that our lives are going completly horribly, that we have so many problems, and just want to have a break down. After reading this quote it really hit that my personal problems seem practicly nonexistant compared to the problems of the victims in Haiti. The general problems in the US is keeping a good job, paying the bills, making sure everyone in your family is happy, healthy and safe. If you compare these problems to people of Haiti's problems you might have some second thoughts on how problamatic they really are. People there basically have nothing, almost all they had has been destroyed. Its strange how something terrible has to happen for people to unite together to help and support others in need.

Onto other news:
Three Americans left for home 6 months earlier than planned. All with different reasons why they left. One was my close friend Erin, however Im sorry to see all of them leave. On the other hand Im really determined to make it to the end of this adventure of mine.
A new exchange student is coming to my local chapter from Canada, she will be here sometime in February = )
We had a snow fall the other day, my town looked so beautiful covered in the white blanket! Sadly the next day it was washed away by rain. = (
Sunday I went skiing for the second time, although things were a little different. This time it was 10 degrees outside, no sun and kind of windy. BURR! Since it was so cold not as many people were there. Also some of the slopes were icy resulting in my first wipe out while skiing. Ii started with me going down the mountain a lot faster than I should had... Suddenly was on a very icy and steep slope, when I tried to stop I just kept sliding downward and eventually starting tumbling. When I looked up one ski was at the top of the slope and my host dad was handing my one of my poles and asking if I was okay. Luckily the fall didnt leave a mark on me, I laughed it off espcially when a bunch of snow was down my pants. It was mainly my family that was on the slope so very few people saw my very ungraceful fall. After that I took the more difficult slopes a lot slower! The rest of the day skiing went smoothly and eventually the sun did come out... right as we were leaving. = p
This morning was the first sunny morning since October I think. My bus for school came a lot later than it normally does. Usually it super dark when Im waiting for it to come, and the ride to school as well. Today however I got to see the sun rising over the mountains... it was such a beautiful site! I hadn't seen the mountains for a very long time since its always cloudy and dark in the mornings. So I was very pleasantly surprised this morning = )

I know this blog is a lot shorter than what I normally write but there isnt a lot of exciting news in the dead of winter in my tiny little town. So Until Next Time...