Only four more days til I leave for New York City! Like many of the other exchange students I'm totally freaking out on the inside. Right now its crunch time, I have 4 days to do everything before I leave. That's not a lot of time at all!! Right now these are my priorities//agenda:
-Spending time with my family and friends
-Go to a rave tonight with all my friends = )
-Go to a big family dinner that's a going away/birthday for my dad and little sister/ welcome to college for my sister and welcome back to college for my brother dinner. (September is kinda a big month for my family)
-Pack my mountain of clothes into one yes one suitcase 
-Get host family gifts
-Call all the grandparents, aunts and uncles
-Get an ID card
-Have my school sign and fill out AFS papers and get my transcripts

So the first day of school was on Tuesday, Sept. 2nd. Normally I would be starting my senior year of high school that day. But since I'm going on this exchange my principle didn't want me to come to school. He told me I would be a very big distraction in class and it would be pointless coming for a few days. He even said that he erased my schedule. Little did I know that my name was on class roster, and all my friends were for once in my classes. They told me that when my name got called they would say the classic line "she doesn't even go here!" So while my friends were at school I was pulling out clothes, cleaning my room, organizing my stuff, picking up my visa, laundry.... aka not very fun stuff. 

At least its a four day weekend in  my town so I get to hang with all my friends that I'm not going to see for well... a very long time! Tonight there's this wicked cool rave that my friend Roman Perry dj's which is called Audiophile. We wear crazy clothes like neon fish nets, wicked short skirts or shorts, neon tank and sports bra. And your body always some how gets covered in glow stick goo. The music is wicked awesome, cool lights, overall its a great time! I'm so glad that its happening before I leave!! = )

Its weird to think that I'm doing and seeing things for the last time or for a year. I feel like i look at things a little different. When ever I go places I try to remember them, take it all in, and record it in my mind. These last few days have been very bitter sweet. So many mixed emotions.... Until next time,