Alrighty so I know this blog post is a disappointment in the making because its going to be very short! I honestly dont have any thrilling or entertaining stories to write about because since I last blogged a week ago nothing big has happened = (
I will however fill you all in a some small headlines.

Last week for three days the teachers at my school didnt teach their classes. It wasnt a strike but theres actually a name for it... in Italian... but I cant rememeber it = ( anyways basically the upper classman (4th and 5th year students) divide the 1st-3rd year students into big groups. We all sat on desk and talk about things that effect our lives. It really ranged from media influence, drugs, universities, abuse and will the world really end in 2012. I have to say that these group activites were rather boring. Probably because they were all in Italian and when 10 different students are trying to talk over each other its hard to understand everything there saying.
After our group meetings they would have different movies playing for the last two hours of school. All the movies were about topics similar to what we discussed in our groups. By the end of the school day I must say that I was really tired!! So much Italian for one school day!!
Nothing really happened on Saturday night because I was suppose to go out with friends but decided to take a 20 minute nap which turned into a 3 hour nap... So of course my cell phone was on silent so I slept through my Saturday night... lovely.
Sunday morning I took an early train to Milan to meet one of my good exchange student friends. His name is Hakancan (pronouced like haaak-an-john) and hes from Istanbul, Turkey. His English is perfect and is really nice and normal = ) We spent the day walking around the streets of Milan, talking about our lives back home, here and over all exchange student things. We did a bit of window shopping since neither of us had money burning a whole in our pockets. I never really noticed how much window shopping and "just looking"could be so frustrating. You always see something you love, dont have money for it and think oh Ill come back. But if you do come back they no longer have it.
I was planning on staying late in Milan and meet up with more exchange students but it was starting to rain, and Milan and rain dont mix! So Hakancan took me to the train station and I headed back to Treviglio where I met me good friends Ray and Michelle for coffee. The three of us hadnt been together for.... a very very long time!! Theres just a huge comfort in talking and hanging out with other exchange students, esp ones that speak English. The three of us agreed that going long periods of time with out seeing each other is no good. So we decided that every Tuesday we will met in Treviglio for lunch to catch up with each other = )

This week my entire main class of 3I has been having a serious case of "ants in their pants". Were all super excited for our class trip to Edinburgh, Scotland and are having a hard time focusing on anything else. Yesterday one of my classmates asked if I had packed already... I was think "well today is Monday and we dont leave until Saturday so thats going to be a no." That doesnt mean that I havent thought about what clothes to bring ; )

That all the news I have for now, sorry this blog was super short and rather fruitless! Im not 100% sure if I will have internet access in Scotland. So Im thinking that Im going to have to skip my next weeks blog post but will write a super lengthy one when I come home. So Until Next Time...