Thats right I got a lucky break and had a week of vacation from my italian life and got to go see Roma, Florence, and Naples for a week! Now I wasnt all that lucky, I had to drive to these cities with my aunt, uncle and there 1, 3, and 4 year old kids. And we didnt really see much of the cities just some of their parks and playgrounds becuase the kids couldnt tour around the city. Their car didnt have a dvd player and the kids didnt have any of those fisher price games that are specificly designed to entertain kids in the car. So it was up to them and the others in the car to keep them under control. As many of you know I love kids, I work with them during the summer at a kids camp. The problem wasnt really dealing with the kids, it was being able to communicate with them because of course they dont know english and my itlian is well.... it is what it is.

So on Sunday evening I got home from Aprica and was really tired. And when I got the news that I was leaving Monday evening for Florence I didnt even bother unpacking my suitcase from Aprica, I just added a few clothes and called it a night. I know that was very lazy of me but very convenient. Monday I went to school then left the house with my cousins for Florence. I got my own hotel room the entire trip which was very nice of my family and very strange for me for I have always had to share a room with someone when ever I travel. Anways Tuesday morning my uncle left for work so it was up to me and my aunt Nora to get the kids out the door and explore Florence. Now I have already been to Florence with my school back in Febuaury so I had already seen all the big touristy spots. My aunt didnt know the city so we ended up taking a lot of cabs and walking around with a map glued to our hands. Florence was really pretty and over all a nice city.

The next day we left for Roma! My favorite city in the whole wide world! Tuesday night we checked into another hotel. This time I stayed at my old host families house and got to see my old host sister, Silvia and her family which was really lovley. The second I stepped into the house it felt like home. I got warm greetings from everyone in the house, it felt so good to be back in Roma. Tuesday night me and Silvia went to a pub with some of our friends and hung out that night. It was nice break away from watching the kids. I slept at Silvias house and early Wednesday morning we were back at the hotel ready to start the day. Silvia came with me, my aunt and cousins that day and showed us the city. We not really the city, we just went to more parks and playgrounds that were some what close to the hotel. That night I said goodbye to Silvia and we all piled back into the car and headed to Naples.

Okay so Naples was by far my least favorite city out of the three. It was just so old, dirty and run down looking. It also rained the two days we were there so we were stuck in this huge buisness hotel. Nora and I attempted to venture out Thursday morning but we only got so far when mother nature decided to have a big down pour of rain. Getting three little Italian kids from one point to another is not, easy esp in rain!! Overall Naples wasnt to lovley, there were lots of police men everywhere, many buisness men who acted like they had never seen a blond hair blue eyed girl before, and there was lots of trash... everywhere. Definatly not one of Italys finer cities!

Friday night we all headed back home, and I was ready to go back and sleep in my own bed again. The drive from Naples to Castel Rozzone was anything but short... Luckily I had my laptop and ipod for when we hit some serious traffic. If only they had ever lasting batteries.... We finally made it home at 2:30 am Saturday morning. I crashed into my bed literally becuase I didnt want to turn on the light and wake up my sister Ottavia.
I learned a lot over this little trip of mine. For instance when I get older and have kids I want my car to have a dvd player, and my kids will know english and anothe language like italian. They will also be very well behaved and there will probably be only two of them. After this trip I give any parents who raised three or more kids serious props. Esp my mom and grandma, I dont know how you two did it!! Kudos to both of you!!

Saturday I slept all morning and skipped school and had a "me day" of relaxing while everyone was at school or work. I did have a very special surprise when I got home- the package my mom sent me had finally arrived and had a bunch of goodies from home = ) Saturday night was my very good friend Cates 16th birthday so everyone from our class went out to a nice restaurant and got pizza and yummy drinks. Very great day for me!! Sunday I slept in which my host parents find odd when I sleep past 10am. To me its totally normal to sleep until noon on sundays if your not going anywhere that morning. My host dad had to explain to me that today was day light savings and the clocks had gone back... in italian. Took a solid 10 minutes for me to figuare that one out! Not much else happened Sunday, I got Mcdonalds with my brother and papa, I hadnt had a real cheeseburger for a while which is very strange and different for me. I basically have pasta and pizza coming out of my ears here!!

Now Im back at school and into my regular schedual. Oh by the way Ive got a new schedual, one that is official and everything! I basically created it with my school english teacher/advisor. The only classes I have to get credit in are english literature and gym. It so perfect! Im now in all 5 years of high school ( in italy they pull a post grad and have 5 years instead of 4). So now I have a more American senior like schedual. I have about 5 different english classes, 2 different spanish classes, 2 different german classes, 2 different gym classes, italian lessons and library time. I have a few blanks in my schedual where in the future I will take italian and art literature. Currently Im not ready for those classes. Im glad to be moving around a lot more. It helps me met new people and actually do something during the day and not just pretending to listen and understand my philosphy and history teachers endless lectures.
Right now some of my schools teacher are on strike so some days I will be starting school 1-3 hours late depending on my classes. Unfortuntely I had school at regular time and my brother starts 3 hours later. Totally fair right? Oh well... Ill write about my Halloween weekened next week. Until next time...