Okay so as most of you know Thanksgiving was last week. Sadly Italy doesnt have Thanksgiving so Wednesday was a totally normal day in Castel Rozzone, Italy. I asked my host mama if I could stay home that day and she said that I was in Italy now, and Italians dont celebrate Thanksgiving so I better hurry up or I would be late for school. =( And of course it was raining outside, and my clothes werent dry yet (they dont use driers here, everything is hung dry so it takes longer to get your laundry back) so I threw on a sweatshirt and pulled my hair in a pony tail and was ready for the day. Wednesday I dont have many classes so I spent the school day mainly in the library youtubing Thanksgiving things like Charlie Browns Thanksgiving, The Cosby Shows Thanksgiving, and Miracle on 34th Street. After school I had italian tutoring with Michelle and after got cappichinos and cookies (luckily it had stopped raining by after school) then I waited for my bus home... which I strongly believe never came. I have been taking the same bus home for the last 2 months and never had a problem with it. That day it just decided not to come or became invisible when it came to the stop becuase I was watching for it like a hawk. So I had to call my mama and brother to come and pick me up at the bus station. When I finally got home (2 hours than normal wendnesday time).
I was super excited to video chat my American family. I hadnt talked to most of the by phone yet and they were going to see my for the first time in 2 1/2 months. I even changed my clothes, redid my hair and makeup so I looked more pulled together than I was feeling. Of course the skype decided to go Ka-Put on me and wasnt in the mood for working. Great. I tried making the little bugger work for over an hour (and the skype is all in Italian making things a little harder). After a cyber fight with my older sister about how much I was hating skype at the moment I ended up talking to my family thru facebook messanger. Not at all the same as video chat with skype but at least I got to talk to them on Turkey Day.

After chatting with my American family I sat down for dinner and my mam had made chicken legs and home fries for dinner. Not bad but not the same as dinner back home, but I was happy that she made the effort to make that instead of the standard pasta. Since Italy doesnt have canned pumkin (I endlessly searched the food market for it and there was nothing) so I couldnt make pumkin pie. =( so i had to opt for apple crisp. I would have made apple pie but I had to go to school and tutoring. The apple crisp was good and I made an extra for my adivsor, Chiara who is an awesome and a huge apple fan. That night I went bar hopping with my friends and then went to bed late.
Overall Thanksgiving was a super sad day for me. I hadnt felt that sad while in Italy. Of course I miss my family back home, but im not crying everyday saying that I want to go home. Italy feels like my home away from home. Im really happy to be living in Italy, it was just Thanksgiving was a very dark day for me. I know Christmas will be super hard to get thru, at least Italians celebrate that holiday!

The next day I tried skype again and of course it worked with no problems.... just my luck!

Early that week I had got a package from home which makes me super happy. Getting a package from home is probably one of the big things exchange students look forward to. The other things we love are seeing our other exchange student friends, seeing new cities and speaking our native language and eatting food from home. When I opened my package I felt like Raulphy and Randy on Christmas morning =) Its so strange how the smallest things like finding a tube of chapstick or a pack of gum in your winter coat from home can make you happy. Its very odd but those little things can put such a big smile on your face. I guess its an exchange student thing....

Saturday I had school but had to make a trip to the post office with my papa to get this paper stamped for my school trip to Scotland. So we stood in the very long line and when it was finally our turn I handed the man the paper and he asked for a credit card so I gave him my moms number and he gave my a big thumbs down. He said it was illegal for him to take a random credit card number so I gave him mine... which wouldnt work either. So luckily my papa stepped in and gave the man his card. If I didnt have the paper stamped I would have gotten a very big whack on the hand by my school adivsor because it was actually due on Thursday so she said in her very posh British accent that I absolutley must it in Saturday or I wont be going to Scotland. So I arrived at school late with the paper in hand and gave her the dang thing. One thing I can check off my list.

Saturday night I went out with some new friends to this wicked cool disco in Bergamo. The place was huge and the whole night was a lot of fun! Sunday we were supposed to go to Venice, again but it was raining so we had to cancel the trip, again. So sunday was a lazy day due to the rain =p

So tomorrow (Tuesday) the new AFSer from Australia will be arriving in Milano sometime in the afternoon. So after school Michelle and I will meet up at my school, go to our regular lunch cafe (we go there so much that the owner sees us and knows what to bring) and then we will take a bus to Treviglio where we will take a train to Milano where we meet our advisor, Chiara and do a little shopping. I think the Aussies train comes in later afternoon and we will all give her a big welcome to our area and hopefully not completly overwhelm the girl. Im excited to be going back to Milano, I havent been for over a month and Iver heard the shopping there at Christmas time is amazing so im wicked excited for tomorrow =)

So until next time...