Thats right I am now offically part of the Italian goverment system!!
Okay so Thursday morning I didnt have to go to school (Yeah!) and I got to sleep in (Double Yeah!) and I went to the Bergamo police station with my papa that morning. I got to sleep in, take my time getting ready for the day and even had time to get a coffee and pastry and a local bar. Very lovley. Unforuntely it was raining.... a lot. Luckily my USA mom had sent me a very cute rain jacket so it wasnt a problem. We drove about 25 minutes to Bergamo which is a mini city near my town. I went there last weekend for halloween. Anyways we arrived at the police station and were sent to a huge waiting room... that was full of immagrints from around the world! While I was waiting in line this lady heard me speaking english and asked if I was American. I of course replied yes, and she said she had a daughter who was American too and long behold was my very good friend Erin from Oregon! =) I had met Erin in New York orientation and we had become good friends at the Aprica orientation. It was so awesome seeing her again. Talking to a friend in English for two hours really makes the time go by fast then just sitting there twiddling your thumbs.
So me and Erin had brought all of our paper work so we could be put into the Italian system. Of course me being me, I totally forgot to bring my 4 passport photos and had to take them in a near by photo both. And I wasnt looking my cutest that day since I was still sick with that horrible cold. So now Italy has a lets just say not the most flattering picture of me. Great... So Erin and I got our fingerprints scanned and had signed and few papers and we were free!
After the police station Erin came with me and my papa to get McDonadls for lunch, this is only my third time eatting McDonalds in Italy. Very strange for me since I eat it probably once a week back home. After me and Erin hung out for little bit then she had to get back home since it was a school night.
School all week was boring. I was only at school for half the week becuase I had my cold and it seemed like everyone else at school and home were sick too. Anways today is Tuesday and it has been a solid week and I am totally back to my normal self. Feel great!!
Over the weekend I met a lot of new and interesting people... they were my host brother, Ale friends. The are mainly 19 years old and are really nice and fun guys. Some dont speak english that well, which can get really funny when they have a few beers in them. Its good hanging with Itlains esp when they speak slow italian for me so I can learn more! When ever I talk to them I have to adjust my english so they can understand me. I have to drop my Boston accent ( i didnt know i had one til i came here) and then i have to take out the slang words, then i use really simply words and try then to use birtish sounding words. After I just sound liek my english teacher when they are giving a lesson to thrid year students. Weird I know!
Sunday my host parents took me to a small choclate factory where I tried a bunch of yummy italian chocolate = ) Lesson that I learned was just because something is free, doesnt mean you have to have a boat load of it. (The night ended with a belly ache) But it was so worth it! I hadnt had chocolate for the longest time. Italian chocolate kicks American chocolates butt!
Monday and today I have school. Blah. Tomorrow I have a half day becuase at the last half of the day all the students are supposed to go on a run. Strange I know; were supposed to run 3 miles tomorrow and it counts in your gym class. And they record your time and everything. It shouldnt be bad, ive run a lot further for lacrosse and field hockey I just wish I had found out about this earlier, so I might be a little more prepared for tomorrow. Oh well...
This weekend I think I will go out with the guys that I went out with last weekend. Im also supposed to go to Verona with the exchange student Michelle from Hong Kong and her family on sunday. My mama told me she has a yoga retreat in Torino and I could come with her on sunday instead. I have afs exchange student friends in Torino that I havent seen since New York back in September. Im not sure what city I will be on sunday but I should figuare that out in the next few days. Thats all the news here right now... Until next time....