Okay so as you can tell from the title this weekend I had my first real holiday that wasnt spent in Duxbury, MA with my family and friends. Over the weekend was Halloween, one of my favorite holidays; who doesnt love dressing up, eating candy, watching movies that are so scary you almost pee yourself, making carmel covered apples, carving pumkins and did i mention eatting candy?? Well here in Italy Halloween is well... a lame holiday to say it bluntly. They only celebrate it every three or four years. Luckily they decided to celebrate it this year or I would have been wicked bummed. Alright so let me give you the run down of my Halloween.

Saturday morning I woke up and went to school and half the class was either studying or blowing there noses becuase there very studius here and the cold/flu is spreading like wild fire! All my friends and classmates asked me a bunch of questions on saturday about what halloween was like in America. I told them it depended on your age- that little kids dress up and trick or treat, teens usually get together watch movies, go to parties, maybe get into a little mischief and how adults tend to manage the door for trick or treaters.
Anways since my good friends were sick with a bad cold they werent going out so I went out with some new friends. My mama made a lot of her delicious home made pizzas then my family carved pumpkins. My brother got a fat round one and did the traditional charlie brown pumkin face. I got a tall skinny one and did a scaried face. It was funny to see my papa scooping out the inside of the pumpkin and prettending it was real guts. Gotta love him!
After I met up with some friends who I met last week at a birthday party. It was one of the guys birthdays and he was turning 16 which is like turing 21 in the US. And my town has more bars than houses so there you go. Later that night I went to this I dont even know how to describe it... it was a bar/restuartant/disco. Its in Bergamo- a mini city about 20 minutes from my town. I went with my friend/neighbor and her sister and friend and they were all dressed up with devil and bat headbands, super high heels, and about of pound of makeup. The reason they were wearing headbands was becuase if you wore it you got free lollipops at this bar/restaurant/disco place we were going to. Anyways I was wearing a black thin headband with a black sparkley rose on it, ballet flats, and natural looking makeup. The second I got to my friends house she tried to put red lipstick, more mascara and eye liner on me... I tried to dodge it but sort of failed...
When we got to this place in Bergamo I quickly realized I was going to stuck out like a sore thumb yet again. First of all there were all these crazy people dressed up in their gothic halloween costumes. I was also probably the youngest person there, the only blond, blue eyed, and pale girl. Also I was speaking mainly english with a mix of broken italian and I was one of the only girls dancing because I wasnt wearing feet crunching pumps. I got home pretty late that night and overall had a really fun halloween!
Sunday was a day of sleeping in, eatting, and shopping.
Monday was a national holiday so I didnt have school which was good becuase I woke up with a big old fever, achey body, sore/scatchy throat, cough, and a lovey headache. Yupp the common cold. Normally I just go into the medicine draw take 2 teaspoons for nyquil am and pm for 4 days and Im good as new. But they dont have a medicine draw here so I had to wait til mama got home. It was also raining cats and dogs all day so me, Ale and Otty were stuck at home while our parents were out for the day. My sibs studied all day while I watched dvds from home on my laptop. Luckily my mama is mary popins and the second she saw me she told me I looked aweful. Grazie Mama! = p She is very into the whole organic, all natural stuff so she has been giving me uncommon meds, and making my drink home made juices that are actually good.... after you dump a couple table spoons of sugar into them.
Tuesday (today) mama check my temperature and said it had gone down but I should stay in bed today and rest. She has her cute little mama, Gina who doesnt speak a word of english checking on my every hour and making sure Im okay. Mama said if I get worse today then she will take me to the Docs. Doubt I will have to go becuase I feel better and should be okay for school tomorrow. If I do have to go to the Docs I hope he knows english otherwise ill have to point to my head and throat and say Owww! = p
Nothing else much to report so until next time...