Today is my last day here in Duxbury, Ma aka the most bittersweet day. I have so many thoughts running thru my head. After a year of planning this trip the day has finally come for me to leave. Many times I didn't think this trip would happen. I had so many obstacles thrown at me like money, school credits, language, visa, host families, not to mention a serious case of cold feet where I almost called of the the trip all together. 

But now I finally have packed my monster size bag stuffed of my clothes that I had to sit on to close. Three months ago I was sooo excited to pack my bag and pick out which clothes to bring. Now that I actually have to pack... I have no desire to start. I just sat on my bed looking at my mountain of clothes and my small bag for about a half hour. The bag I'm going to check is very very big, and the heaviest bag I have ever had to carry. I know that its bigger and heavier than what I'm supposed to have. I know shame on me, but you try packing for 10 months and one bag... its not easy!!

So tomorrow I have a flight from Boston to New York City at 12:00pm. Luckily my friend Emily who is from a neighboring town called Marshfield is on the same flight as me. So when we arrive at JFK airport AFS volunteers will meet us at baggage claim and take us to a hotel where all the other kids who are from New England and going to Eastern side of the world. We have an overnight orientation at the hotel then fly on Thursday Sept. 10th to Zurich and arrive at 8am on Friday Sept. 11th. We then have a 4 hour layover... yeah! = p Then we fly at noon to Rome and arrive at 2pm. In Rome we have a 2 night orientation with all the kids from around the world who are going to be in Italy with AFS. So on all my flights there will be about 40+ kids all on one plane lol. 

Unfortunately we don't get to see Rome... but I was lucky enough to come to Rome for 2 weeks with my school in February so I've already seen the city. It would be amazing to see the city, my friends and old host family I stayed with. So from Rome I have to fly back up to Northern Italy which is about a 6 hour train ride or 1 1/2 hour plane ride. When I finally arrive in Castel Rozzone, Italy I will probably be wicked tired and not look so cute. But ill be so happy to be at my new home that it wont matter. My host family told me that when I arrive they are taking me some where, but won't tell me where. All they said was to bring a bathing suit lol. 

I feel like its really happening, I'm really leaving to start my adventure in Italy.... wow! I will try to write a new blog post when I arrive and settled in my new home. Until next time....